Do you want our products in your store? How wonderful! We believe that the more people wear hemp, the more we can do together for planet and people!

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Hemptees mold to the way you live and move. They get better with age.

What are retail orders?
With the retail function, you can reserve and pay for these products in our webshop. On average it takes 5 working days* before these products are ready.

How does it work?
Placing a retail order is very easy! You select the products you want to order and place them in your shopping cart.

And then?
When the order is ready, you will automatically receive an e-mail that your package is on its way (with a track & trace code)! Before you know it you have the desired order in the house!


* It is possible that the delivery will arrive later than the expected delivery week. In that case we will try to inform you in time about when the delivery will take place.