How we reduce our impact

Conscious Design

We believe in a cleaner clothing industry that is environmentally and skin-friendly. Our first priority is to develop a product line that is extremely skin-friendly, in addition, our focus is on top quality and adding an ecological dimension to our entire production process. For example, we developed a clean product line with recyclable packaging, organic hemp, local production methods and environmental actions.

In our design process we consciously chose 1 size label, washing label & brand label that we can apply to all our products. Because of our focus on skin irritation-free clothing, we chose to process our washing labels on the outside. We work all year round with fixed collections and fixed prices. Each production is made in small productions and is only replenished when our stock is almost empty. With us you wait on average longer for your slow piece. This way we avoid extra waste due to unnecessary hangtags, seasonal collections and overconsumption.

Under the We Are Creators label, we work together with local entrepreneurs for our packaging, screen printing and embroidery. We also offer customized products, which are processed by the same makers.

Zero Waste Packaging

We know that waste management is one of the biggest issues facing the textile industry and we are aware of how costly it can be for the environment and consumers, so we strive to reduce our impact by making meaningful decisions:

Using plastic-free, compact packaging to store and ship our products. Fully compostable at home or fully recyclable when sorting paper. We also use paper seeds with a mix of wildflowers to feed the bees. Even our stickers are reusable! 

Did you know that our hemp products arrive in Belgium by truck in large recyclable cardboard boxes? They are packed completely plastic-free! Quality products means more sustainable products, but by definition also less consumption.

Sustainable Production

The textile production takes place in the Shanxi region, in China, where our hemp is still grown in the mountains. China is among the most advanced technologically textile production with high quality standards for hemp processing. Our manufacturer is known for more than 50 years of experience in the production of organic hemp and chemical-free dyeing process.

We only use GOTS-certified hemp (which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards), which ensures greater transparency and traceability when sourcing organic hemp :

” Use of sustainable production and processing processes ” Respect and improvement of working conditions ” Promotion of the use of organic fibers ” Prohibition of the use of hazardous substances, such as toxic heavy metals and aromatic solvents.

In addition, all of our products are Oeko-Tex certified, an independent label that helps to effectively protect both consumers and the planet. This label is a pioneer in setting up tests that seek to limit the use of chemical substances and whose thresholds go far beyond what is currently in force at national and international levels.

Hemptees - GOTS label

Heart for Wilderness and Oceans

This will come as no surprise: no blue, no green, no life. There will be no life and even less economy on a planet that is dead.

We are our planet, we are our oceans, we are who we are and have no control over where we come from. We have a choice in how to proceed.

Our mission? We want to make hemp great again and thus indirectly contribute to the greatest advantage of hemp over cotton, limit the problem of (clean) water shortage and ensure a healthy soil.

In 2020 we started our small slow webshop. Unfortunately we are still a tiny slow shop and we do this all voluntarily. It is difficult to break through the mass stores and keep everything sustainable and fair for an attractive price. We are growing slowly and so is our core collection. We are committed to donating at least 1% of our annual sales to environmental protection initiatives. Why? Because it is necessary!

We hope to be fully operational by 2024 and make a greater contribution to associations that help protect nature. 

Our love for wilderness and oceans is close to our hearts.  We at Hemptees are madly in love with whales and bees that are in danger of extinction. You will notice that we mainly focus on these two animal groups. That is why we have chosen to support animal welfare and biodiversity by spreading the importance of their presence.

We work from home, 100% free and happily independent. When you come to collect your order, you get a glimpse into our daily life. We are very conscious people with a clear vision of life. We say no to water wastage, no to plastic, chemical dyes, fast fashion, fast everything and if you’re really honest with yourself… do you really need this? Flow with us. Say yes to zero waste economy, upcycling, reuse, recycling, plant trees, grow wildflowers, enjoy slow living, support local and organic products.

Let’s also be a voice for wildlife and stand up for species considered insignificant, troublesome or endangered. Actually, it’s not all that difficult, you have to dare to go against the consumer society and say no. Be you, be free.