Hemptees is a slow fashion webshop specializing in basic essentials made from 100% hemp. Inspired by slow living and a minimalist lifestyle. We believe that every wildflower should feel free and comfortable in textiles that are good for the planet and good for people.

Our Story

Our little wildflower was born into an independent family. Her mother instilled in her a passion for art, textiles and natural materials. Her father travels (still does) around with his surfing equipment to catch the best wave. In 1982, he co-founded a textile distributor of sports brands. With this breeding ground, our little wildflower spread her seeds and Hemptees was born.

Affordable good basics for everyone is our driving force without compromising on quality and longevity. Our hemp items are classic essentials, gender neutral and timeless. One of our strengths is to make our packaging waste free and circular. Each order is shipped with care and includes a beautiful mix of wildflower seeds.

Founder of Hemptees

Hemptees has grown into a playground of like-minded creators. What started in Ghent with a passion for sustainability and skin-friendly clothing grew into a slow fashion brand specialized in hemp textiles. Today, at least 98% of the Hemptees collection is made from sustainable fabrics.

We Are Creators

Hemptees has been fortunate enough to work with amazing creatives, artists, photographers and local enthusiasts.

  • Camping Penrose by Liselotte from Ghent.
    Silkscreen print hot!
  • The Patch Club by Sharon & Kim from Antwerp.
    Spice up them clothes!
  • Growingpaper by Koen from Ghent.
    Flower wildpower!
  • Atelier Houthuys by Sara from Ghent.
    She sews awesome!
  • Captured by Irma Merckx & Ruben Boidin from Ghent.
  • Organic textile manufacturer Onrays by Roey from Shanxi.
    Hemp with love!

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With our community of like-minded people, we work together towards a greener world: We have a natural drive to care for each other, our product, our planet and our brand. We are sustainable, small-scale, local, ecological and future-oriented. Together, we will do our part.



Lou De Buck started her own dream, one for our future.

The Power Of Slow Fashion

Over the years, we have become acutely aware of how big our culture of waste is and how it has continued to grow.

We live in an era where sustainability, equality and freedom are common themes. Fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries and we can’t always buy and wear used or recycled clothing.

But what if you could spend at least 5% of your life wearing the same T-shirt on all occasions? That would reduce the huge waste mountain. And what if this T-shirt is environmentally friendly with a low footprint? Well, then we see our future a little more positively for the generations to come.

That’s why we want to do our part by offering sustainable clothing made from 100% hemp. An alternative textile that pollutes as little as possible and is better for people with sensitive skin.

Did you know that hemp keeps you warm when it's cold, and cool when the temperature rises? This strong, durable natural fiber is also antimicrobial, providing protection against odor-causing bacteria.

Eco- And Skin-Friendly Fabrics

You can hardly avoid it, but synthetic fabrics and chemical processes are used in many textile products.

Because of allergic skin reactions to these fabrics, we mainly wear natural fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton, cashmere, merino wool and alpaca. Until recently, hemp was added.

These hemp fabrics really appealed to us because of their many skin and environmental benefits. Unfortunately, very few clothing brands are made from hemp. Often they are processed with “organic” cotton or silk.

Hemptees wants to distinguish itself by focusing entirely on 100% hemp textiles and thus indirectly contribute to the water shortage problem.



Sustainable goods with emphasis on low water consumption.

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Hemp based Hemptees T-shirt

Response To Water Shortage

Almost 36% of the world’s textiles are made from cotton yarn. However, cotton has quite devastating effects on the natural resources of water on our planet.

Farmers have been using hemp as a rotational crop for years because of its soil-protective properties. Soil erosion leads to infertile land, clogged waterways that negatively impact fish and other species, and increased risk of flooding because degraded soil cannot hold water. The long roots of hemp plants help prevent soil erosion by binding the soil together. And because no chemicals are needed for hemp to thrive, hemp helps clean up the soil.

Growing crops like hemp that require less water also helps reduce pollution and conserve fuel reserves, since no machinery is needed to water fields, drive pumps or transport water. Inefficient and wasteful water use and management in agriculture can exacerbate water scarcity and drought and cause irreparable damage to water-dependent ecosystems.

At least 25% of all pesticides used worldwide go to cotton cultivation, as well as 7% of the fertilizers. Soil washed away from cotton fields carries the remnants of these pesticides and pollutes our rivers, lakes and underground aquifers.

Hemp is pest resistant by nature, grows quickly and requires little water. No harsh chemicals are needed to make fiber. That gives us these incredibly soft, tough, good-looking shirts that are kind to our planet at the same time.

Hemp textiles are a fundamental way of representing your support for our planet and the environment. So buying hemp means taking care of your body and always supporting the growth of organic farming - organic processing - and our environment.

Make Hemp Great Again

In a world where we are expecting everything around us to be smart, why not adopt smart clothing?

We need more trees, and trees cannot grow on depleted soil. Studies show that the water footprint of hemp farming is about 1/3 of the water footprint of cotton. By buying a 100% hemp t-shirt instead of an organic cotton t-shirt, you save up to 25-35% water and avoid pesticide pollution. Yay!

Hemptees has taken steps to develop a sustainable clothing line that tackles water shortage and pollution. Our mission is to get microplastics and pesticides out of our drinking water and our oceans. To remedy water shortage, pollution and skin allergies, we opted for hemp textiles.

Hemp fabric is extremely durable, so you can only benefit from your hemp. You can wear our hemp T-shirts every day and for any occasion. They look great and offer unparalleled comfort. Hemptees are available in gender-neutral sizes and offer great value for money.

Mission Hemptees

We are committed to bringing reasonably priced sustainable goods to the market that are ecological. The choice to market 100% hemp as a high-quality basic T-shirt was obvious.

Start Of Small Business

Start of a Small Business

Hemptees originated from a personal search for skin-friendly textiles that are also sustainable. The result is a small-scale collection with an emphasis on low water consumption.

You can wear our clothing line relaxed, sporty or casual chic to an occasion. We create your favorite ultimate sustainable basics that complete your wardrobe.

Also, one of our strengths is to make our packaging waste-free and circular. Your order is packaged plastic free and recycled materials are used.

Designed and created in our studio, which is filled with music, silly dancing, fun chats and our uber-social furry baby Pixie.

Each order is shipped with care and contains a beautiful mix of wildflower seeds. Only by doing it together can we bring our blooming earth back to life.

Never go out of style

Will you take the plunge for our future?