Seedpaper made by Growingpaper

For the printing of paper seeds, we work together with Growingpaper from Heusden. The flowering cards are printed locally on special printers, so that the seeds are not bruised and they really come out. Yay!

Together we help the bees and butterflies with these wild flower paper seeds. It is a mix of snapdragons, godetia, gypsophila, ice flowers, petunia, poppies, alyssum and foxglove. The best time to sow in the open ground is between March and May. You can sow them indoors from the end of March and plant them outside in mid-May.

Why Wildflower Paper Seeds? The bees and butterflies are having a hard time in Belgium. Wildflowers are disappearing more and more and bees are extremely important for the pollination and fertilization of flowers, plants, fruit trees and vegetable plants!

Embroidery by Atelier Houthuys

We collaborate with Sara Houthuys, of Atelier Houthuys, a Ghent embroidery studio specializing in custom embroidery.

t-shirt hemp patch

Iron-On Patches made by The Patch Club

For our iron-on patches we work together with The Patch Club from Antwerp.

silkscreen print by camping penrose on hemp tee

Silkscreeen handprinted by Camping Penrose

We work with Liselotte Van Daele, from Camping Penrose, a printing company in Ghent specializing in artist prints,…