My Ecological Lifestyle

The power of slow living

Over the years I have become very aware of how big our waste culture is and how it has continued to grow. This really touched me during my puberty, I became a vegetarian and started a local second-hand group.

We live in a time when sustainability, value and tolerance are common themes. Fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries. In addition to buying second-hand clothing, I want to offer an alternative that pollutes as little as possible.

That is why I would like to contribute by offering sustainable clothing made from 100% hemp.

Skin-Friendly Fabrics

You can hardly ignore it. Synthetic fabrics and chemical processes are used in many textile products.

Due to allergic skin reactions to these fabrics, I mainly wear natural fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton, cashmere, merino wool, and alpaca. Until recently, hemp was added.

This hemp textile really appealed to me because of its many benefits for the skin and the environment. Unfortunately, there are few clothing brands made from hemp and they are often processed with cotton or silk.

With Hemptees I want to distinguish myself by fully focusing on 100% hemp and thus indirectly contributing to the water shortage problem.

Founder of Hemptees Lou De Buck
Start Of Small Business

Start Of Small Business

In a world where we are expecting everything around us to be smart, why not adopt smart clothing.

Hemptees originated from a personal search for a well-fitting basic T-shirt with low footprint. A small-scale collection with an emphasis on low water consumption.

Our mission is to prevent microplastics and pesticides from our drinking water and our oceans.

Will you take the plunge for our future?

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Step 1: Choose your size Hemptees are unisex cut. For an extra large look, go up one size.