Duvet Set



What are pre-order new products?
When products are pre-ordered in our webshop, this means that they are not in stock at the moment. These products have been ordered and are on their way to our studio. With the pre-order function you can already reserve and pay for these products in our webshop. On average, it takes a month before these products are back in and can be shipped. Because you have to wait a little longer for these products, you benefit from a 5% discount on pre-order items. When these products arrive at our warehouse in Mariakerke, you can buy them without a discount.

How does it work?
Placing a pre-order is very easy! You select the products you want to order and place them in your shopping cart. Please note, an order must (just like a normal order) have a minimum value of €50 (excluding VAT). In addition, pre-order products and in-stock products cannot be placed together in one order. In a pre-order, therefore, only pre-order products can be added.

Every pre-ordered product has an expected delivery week, which is the week in which we expect to receive the backordered products in our warehouse*. Products with different delivery weeks cannot be combined in one pre-order but must be ordered separately.


And then?
Have you placed your pre-order and are the pre-order products back in stock? Then you will automatically receive an e-mail when your package is on its way (with a track and trace code)! Before you know it, you will have your desired pre-order products at home!


* Delivery may arrive later than the expected delivery week. In that case, we will try to inform you in good time about when the delivery will take place.