Who made my clothes?

Meet the people and places that make Hemptees sustainable from the start

While searching for a specialized hemp textile manufacturer in Europe, we ended up in Shanxi province, China, where a lot of hemp is still grown. Here our collections are made by local artisans. Most hemp farmers are located here, where the hemp can be spun, woven or knitted and the fabric can also be processed into clothing.

A few years ago, we finally found our hemp textile supplier in Shanxi. After making and trying out some samples, we fell in love.

They make soft, beautiful hemp certified with GOTS Standard. GOTS certifies all chemical inputs such as used dyes that must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria.

Hemptees - GOTS label

Locals support locals

We work with local businesses for our packaging, printing and embroidery. Keep an eye out for those Belgian (Ghent) made craftsmanship.

  • Camping Penrose
    •  Silkscreen handprinted by Liselotte from Gent.
  • Atelier Houthuys
    • Embroidery by Sara from Gent.
  • The Patch Club
    •  Iron-on patches made by Sharon & Kim from Antwerp.
  • Growingpaper
    •  Seedpaper handmade by Koen from Gent.
  • Hemptees
    • Concept & design by Lou from Gent.

Your order will be packaged plastic-free and shipped with a beautiful mix of wildflower seeds. We make it easy for you to be easy on the planet, from the bottom up!

We endeavor for total transparency and we are happy to answer any question you might have regarding production. It is only by understanding and being aware of how our clothes are made, and who makes them, that we can start making choices that will positively impact the world. You can reach us at info@hemptees.be