Our story

Hemptees is a slow fashion webshop specializing in basic essentials made from 100% hemp. Inspired by slow living and a minimalist lifestyle. We believe that every wildflower should feel free and comfortable in textiles that are good for the planet and good for people.

Our little wildflower was born into an independent family. Her mother instilled in her a passion for art, textiles and natural materials. Her father travels (still does) around with his surf gear to catch the best wave. In 1982, he co-founded a textile distribution of sports brands. With this breeding ground, our little wildflower spread her seeds and Hemptees was born.

Affordable good basics for everyone is our driving force without compromising on quality and longevity. Our hemp items are classic essentials and timeless. Made to order in our studio, which is filled with creativity, music, fun chats and our uber-social furry baby Pixie.

Each order is shipped with care and provided with a beautiful mix of wildflower seeds. Only by doing it together can we make our blooming earth vivid again.


Hemptees has grown into a playground of like-minded creators. What started in Ghent with a passion for sustainability and skin-friendly clothing grew into a slow fashion brand specialized in hemp textiles. Today, at least 96% of the Hemptees collection is made from sustainable fabrics.

Hemptees has been fortunate enough to work with amazing creatives, artists, photographers and local enthusiasts. With our community of like-minded people, we work together towards a greener world: We have a natural drive to care for each other, our product, our planet and our brand. We are sustainable, small-scale, local, ecological and future-oriented. Together, we will do our part. For this goal to succeed, Hemptees protects its playground for generations to come.

  • Camping Penrose led by Liselotte from Gent. Women power!
  • The Patch Club leb by Sharon & Kim from Antwerp. Double power!
  • Growingpaper led by Koen from Gent.  Flower power!
  • Campaign captured by Ruben Boidin from Ghent. Amazing!
  • Organic textile manufacturer Onrays led by Roey from Shanxi. With love!
silkscreen print by camping penrose on hemp tee

Meet the founder

Hi there, I am Lou founder of Hemptees. Let me tell you more about the creation of @hemptees.be . Born a wildflower, I spent a lot of time in nature; in the forests, in the sea and on the beach. Protecting our mother and her waters through slow fashion became a fundamental project. Hemptees was designed and inspired by my own experience.

“When I travel for a month, I only need a small backpack (45l). I carry everything with me: underwear, clothes, shoes, towel, laptop, video camera (digital nomad), … and so on. So I started to make my life more organized and realized that we can live with less. “😯

The search for important necessities of life began. What if you could spend at least 5% of your life wearing the same T-shirt on all occasions? That would reduce the huge waste mountain. And what if this T-shirt is environmentally friendly with a low footprint? Well, then I see our future a little more positive for the next generations.